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Japan wants to build a space elevator

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Japan has always been known for its zeal towards bringing innovation and drastically improving the technological advancements. In regards to the recent technological advancements around the globe, Japan is aiming to innovate and transform the idea of introducing a space elevator.

According to Public News; Japan wants to build a space elevator, the project is expected to get completed in 2050. The idea of introducing a space elevator itself is amazing, this elevator will be used to transport people back and fourth along with their luggage to space station. The project is expected to start in a couple of months, for the time being an extensive and comprehensive amount of research is being carried by a team of researchers at Shizouka University. Still, a proper running and functional test has not been made for the space elevator but despite that a Japanese Cooperation has already issued a proposal for the space elevator.

Seems like Japan is all set to offer the finest experience of travelling.