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At least 18 killed in Taiwan train derailment

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One of Taiwan’s famous and fastest trains derailed on Sunday during its normal route towards a particular destination. According to the latest reports and news, almost 18 people were killed during the accident and more than 170 have been injured. There has been no response towards the cause of this accident, the authorities are still looking for all the possible explanations.

The Puyuma Express was carrying a total number of 360 passengers while they were traveling to Taitung, a city on Taiwan’s southeast coast. It has been reported that the train was derailed around 5 pm, and most of the people got trapped inside the train due to which they lost their lives.

There has been a miscalculation by the government as it was reported by the government that a total number of causalities has risen up to 22, whereas, later National Fire Agency reduced the number at claimed that 18 people have lost their lives to this accident.

A couple of survivors mentioned that they helped themselves at the first to get out of the messed up situation. Most of them broke the windows and tried to escape, and unfortunately, all the trapped victims were not able to escape and miserably lost their lives. Further, the help was taken by the soldiers as a lot of them came and rescued the victims. All the dead bodies were put in an investigation to identify their real identity, and their loved ones were called to recognize them.

This has been one of the most dreadful events that have taken place in Taiwan, and the government of Taiwan is ensuring to provide a maximum amount of facilitation and support to the victims. Further, an investigation is being carried out to examine the consequences that led the train to get derailed, and the government is cautious enough to take all the necessary measures.