Hollywood film ‘Halloween’ released

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The long-awaited Hollywood horror movie ‘Halloween’ just released and it addresses a very critical aspect of today’s society.

It’s a film about Trauma which is a residue of violence. This can be traced back in history as well. How world wars effected generations and how the post traumatic stage was a horrible time for the world.

The film focuses on how trauma attacks someone. The main character, Lori Strode – who was perfectly happy kid with dreams, and aspirations, whose life was ahead of her, she was an intellectual, geek and romantic, but everything change when she went back to school on 1st of November.

Nobody would talk to her, everyone pointed fingers at her: she became a freak. This is what this movie is about that how trauma takes away your innocence and life force and leaves you with a stain forever if it is not resolved.

Such people should get help about this and this is a movie about a girl who did not have that kind of help.

The film has released today in US and is directed by David Gordon Green.