Nawaz Sharif's health deteriorates in Jati Umrah | Goonj

Nawaz Sharif’s health deteriorates in Jati Umrah

It is being reported that Nawaz Sharif’s health has taken a turn for the worse as he stays in Jati Umrah to mourn the loss of his wife, Kulsoom Nawaz. It is also being said that the former PM has decided not the meet the many visitors coming in to offer their condolences.

According to Dunya News, his personal physician advised him to take rest for today as he is suffering from a throat infection and mild fever. Nawaz Sharif, along with Maryam Nawaz and Capt. Rt. Safdar were released from Adiyala Jail on parole last night to attend the funeral of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz.

While other members of the family continue to receive guests and visitors offering condolences, Nawaz Sharif himself is said to meet them tomorrow. The visitors include party leaders and workers, among others.