Karachi: Patients suffer as nurses’ protest continues on third day

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On Tuesday, October 23, patients continue to suffer as the protest of nurses working at government hospitals in Karachi enter third day. The protest is being carried out outside Karachi Press Club. The protesters, under the management of Joint Nurses Action Committee (JNAC), put forth ten demands which includes providing them a professional grant and salary increment. This protest has been going on for three days, all over Sindh.

Furthermore, the staff screamed slogans against the officials concerned and threatened to walk towards the Chief Minister House if their demands were not fulfilled. One of the demands of the nurses is to increase their stipend, so that it is equivalent to that in Punjab and KP. The nurses shared that their is no promotion allotted for the nurses, as they retire at the same grade they are hired in. Under these circumstances, due to the absence of the nurses patients admitted in government hospitals in Karachi, Mirpur Khas, Hyderabad, Sukkhur continue to face struggle. They do not have any one to look after them.Furthermore, the protesters have also threatened to increase the scale of their protest if there requests are not fulfilled.

Aijaz Ali Kaleri, Young Nurses Association Sindh President stated that the protest  and sit-in would not stop till the approval and execution of their 10 demands. Additionally, he said that the nurses would declare their approach on Thursday after discussion. Azra Pechuho, the health minister shared her stance on this issue at a news conference, “I’m willing to accept their legitimate demands regarding salaries, promotions and working conditions, but some of their demands, like promoting them to 22nd grade, are unacceptable.”