‘Halloween’ scares up $77.5 million in ticket sales

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Venom continues its glorious run, the movie is not only winning heats but it has gathered a huge number on the box-office for the producers. Venom is collecting huge numbers all across the world, and a lot of people prefer watching the movie due to its whole buzz of Halloween.

As long as the collections are concerned, Venom made a humongous collection of $7, 750, 0000 in the first three days of its release, which helped the movie to stand at the #1 position. The box-office success hasn’t been stopped, Venom continues to dominate the box-office even when a major release of highly famous Lady Gaga movie has also been released simultaneously at the box-office.

Now when the movie has entered the third week, the overall collections of the movie has brought magnificent news for the producers. Due to its gripping and appealing content, Venom has globally been able to collect an amount of $461.72 M- and that’s with Japan and China’s market still to report.

Halloween is a major event which attracts a lot of people around the globe. Many production houses aim to release their horror/thriller movies around this event. It goes without saying that, Halloween has acted as a catalyst for the movie due to which it has collected huge collection and is still the first choice for a people who want to watch a movie during the eve of Halloween.