What is the agenda of political parties for polls 2018?

Moeed Pirzada in “Tonight with Moeed Pirzada” covered these topics:
• Senior anchor person Moeed Pirzada said that, “What is the agneda of our political parties for general elections 2018?” The coming government needs to deliver on the economic front.
• Senior economist Arif Habib said that, ” Pakistani rupee is depreciating due to declining foreign reserves” Imports bring in revenue, Miftah Ismail economic policies were a failure.
• Senior political analyst Habib Akram said that, “PTI Asad Umer has given a program for economic revival,” Miftah Ismail’s policies will take a toll on PMLN politics.
• Senior economist Dr farukh Salim said that, “IMF’s political implication will hurt CPEC”