Shehbaz urges govt, opposition to refrain from using foul language

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ISLAMABAD – Opposition Leader in the National Assembly (NA) said in an addressed to the assembly session on Thursday that government and opposition are the part and parcel of a democratic system. He also said the house cannot continue its proceedings if government and opposition do not develop a working relationship.
Shahbaz Sharif also urged both sides of the aisle to refrain from using foul language. Talking about house proceedings, he said that If we want to take this country forward, we will have to have a constructive approach towards things.
“We cannot waste our time in foul language and blame game. The nation is watching us and that time is near when everything will be out in the open”, Shahbaz Sharif said. He also added that some federal ministers are blaming the opposition without any proof. The opposition Leader said that they are doing no service to democracy.
Shahbaz Sharif urged the house to not waste any time and serve this country to the best of abilities.