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US officials: ISIS in Afghanistan just won’t go away

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Saqib Ul Islam in “View 360” covered these topics:
• Intensified efforts to root out and destroy the Islamic State terror group in Afghanistan are making progress in some areas but have so far failed to prevent the terror group from maintaining a foothold in the country, based on the latest U.S. intelligence estimates.
• New government in Pakistan can face channeling in dealing with problems such as terrorism and extremism.
• Two years after the terrorist attack in Quetta, space in the judicial system remains intact.
• Two years ago, on this day, the people of Balochistan witnessed a deadly attack at Civil Hospital in Quetta, which left 74 people, including 54 lawyers dead.
The province is observing black day on Wednesday in memory of the victims of the suicide attack. The Balochistan Bar Council, as well as other lawyers’ associations, have boycotted the proceedings in mourning. Black flags have also been hoisted at court buildings across the province in memory of the martyrs.