Prince Harry and Megan In Australia

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle are on a visit to Australia and the people there are going gaga over them.

The country is loving them as they have blended themselves into the local fabric by hugging countless fans, posing for selfies, Harry himself acting as photographer, and enchanting the public with their warm and intimate demeanours.

Traditionally, strict protocol and etiquette are to be followed while interactions with members of the royal family, with very specific guidelines on almost everything from entering a room to physical contact but Harry and Megan have violated plenty of them in just 4 days of their trip.

Prince Harry and Megan have showed their unique take on being a royal. From attending official dinners to visiting schools and meetings with the locals, to dancing to music on the beach and Prince Harry climbing the Sydney Bridge, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have done it all.