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Thailand cave rescue: 5 are out; 8 to go

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MAE SAI, Thailand — A fifth boy was carried out on a stretcher Monday according to mul, as rescuers continued working to save seven young soccer players and their coach trapped in a vast, winding and partially flooded cave, an international effort that fueled an emotional response around the globe.
The world exhaled a collective sigh of relief Sunday after the teams managed successfully get out four of the boys.
But the story — one of courage, danger and resilience — is far from over.
Seven boys, ages 11-16, and their 25-year-old coach remain in the treacherous labyrinth more than 2 miles into the Earth. Sporadic, heavy rainfall adds to the arduous task facing Thai officials since the team became trapped more than two weeks ago.
Storms were likely to continue at least through Monday as Thailand’s monsoon season gains traction.