Upcoming film ‘Gumm’ will release on 11th January

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KARACHI – Pakistani film industry is reviving bit by bit where good films have started coming out and the faith of audience is reinstated in the films.

In this new year of 2019, actor’s Shamoon Abbasi and Sami Khan’s film ‘Gumm’ will be released on 11th January making it the 1st Lollywood film of year 2019. Sami Khan will be coming back to the screen after a long time in this film. Shamoon Abbasi also plays the antagonist’s role where he portrayed a wanted criminal while Sami Khan plays a hopeless father. The two come across each other as a result of various events. Compelling story writing, good dialogues and full of suspense, ‘gumm’ will be released on 11th January in cinemas all across Pakistan.