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Telephonic conversation between Anbreen & Azam Swati

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PTI’s female candidate from Mansehra levels serious allegations against Azam Swati.
Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) female candidate from Mansehra has leveled serious allegations against her party memer Azam Swati.
PTI had allotted party ticket to Ambreen Swati from Manshera’s NA-13 constituency but later cancelled her candidacy after merely one day.
Agitated by the move, Ambreen said that Azam Swati is supporting another candidate instead of the one nominated by PTI.
She has also released a threatening audio call of Swati in which he is asking her to return the ticket. Ambreen has questioned the party leadership whether she was chosen a candidate in order to insult her.
“Why was I awarded the ticket if the party was not going to allow me contest the election,� she asked.
She has demanded the PTI chairman Imran Khan to take notice of Swati’s threats hurled at her.