Complete Shutdown in Kashmir After ‘Bloody Sunday’

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Kashmir is once again in the news as India’s worst state sanctioned, on going oppression, intensifies. 21st October is being called the ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Kashmir that left 9 people dead, including seven civilians, and more than 50 injured.

Kashmir is witnessing a complete shutdown on Monday in the valley on the call by the Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL), with all shops, business establishments, educational institutes, private and government offices closed. Mobile and internet services are also shut down by the authorities.

For the first time, the Kashmir Pandit Sangharsh Samiti (KPSS) also expressed their support to the shutdown call against the ‘bloodshed’ in South Kashmir’s Kulgam.

The Kashmir freedom movement is going on for the last seven decades now and they have seen one of the worst oppression in the world at the hands on Indian Army. The recent UN Commission for Human Rights have submitted their report to UN’s International Court of Justice, saying that there have been horrendous violations of human rights in Kashmir in recent years.

Kashmiris still wait for the implementation of UN Resolutions of 1949, and Pandit Nehru’s speech in Lal Chok Srinagar which will give right of self determination to the people of Kashmir, so they can decide their fate themselves.