Thousands of tourists trapped in Kaghan valley after heavy snowfall

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Thousands of tourists including women and children, tourists and local people have been trapped in Kaghan valley due to closure of Naran-Balakot road after heavy snowfall and landslides at various locations.

Thousands of foreign and local tourists had gone to the scenic Naran valley to spend the holidays but they were trapped after several feet of snowfall and landslides at a number of locations on road leading to Balakot.

Reports said that over 1,000 vehicles were trapped at various places. The stranded people had to suffer due to shortage of food, intense cold weather and lack of space to spend the night.

National Highway Authorities (NHA), however, reacted promptly and sent heavy machinery to clear the road but it was a difficult task as the landslides occurred at dozens of places making it difficult for the NHA to clear the road and rescue the stranded people. In addition, continuous snow fall made the job even more difficult and demanding.