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Pakistan: Electricity shortfall increased to 6000Mega watt

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Since, the last two decades or so Pakistan has been facing the severe issue of electricity shortfall. Former Government of PML(N) reduced the electricity shortfall, whereas, the current government have come across the crisis of electricity shortfall.

According to Public News; Pakistan is facing an electricity crisis and it has reached to a drastic situation. The overall requirement for electricity production is 24,000 MW, whereas, Pakistan has reached a shortfall of 5600 MW due to which the load-shedding cycle has again started. In terms of the load-shedding hours, across all the cities of Pakistan there has been 4-6 hours of load-shedding, whereas, across the rural areas it has reached up to 8-12 hours.  This is an alarming situation for the country, as electricity is not just a need for  the people in homes but it has a significant role to play in the industrial zones of Pakistan. The shortage of electricity can end up creating an economic instability in the country.