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Religion factors can affect politics in Pakistan?

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Shafi Naqi Jamie in BBC Urdu “Sairbeen” covered these topics:
• Religion was a key factor in the creation of the Pakistani state; to what extent is it still relevant to the nation’s politics?
We should first understand that Pakistan is a country that was based on Islamic identity but was not created as a theocratic state, nor as a state that was meant to be exclusively for Muslims, to the exclusion of other religious groups. It was really a state that was established to protect the religious, cultural and historical identity of the Muslims of the subcontinent when the British withdrew from South Asia.
• Israel’s parliament has approved controversial legislation that defines the country as the nation-state of the Jewish people – despite critics warning it will sideline minorities.
The government says the bill, passed in the early morning hours, will merely enshrine into law Israel’s existing character.