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Reality behind Reham Khan’s book

Ajmal Jami in “Tonight with Moeed Pirzada” covered these topics:
• Reality behind Reham Khan’s book?
• Mubeen Rasheed said that, “I did more than 20 audio sessions for her book with Reham Khan” Reham Khan is bipolar,
• Pakistani musician, Salman Ahmad said that, “Reham Khan herself spread the pdf version of the book,” If you connect the dots the nexus between Hussain Haqqani ,PMLN and Rham Khan is clear,
• Senior defence analyst Shahid latif said that, “PMLN is making care taker Chief Minister Punjab controversial to save face in case of defeat in General Elections 2018 ”
• Senior political analyst Iftikhar Ahmad siad that, “Can a care taker CM do pre-poll rigging than what about the elections in 2013?