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PM Imran, COAS meet to discuss national security

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Prime Minister, Imran Khan conducted a meeting to discuss the future plans for national security. Chief of Army Staff, Qamar Javeed Bajwa was also the major part of this meeting. This meeting was mainly held to look into the national security issues and devise some strategic planning through which national security could be enhanced. Fortunately, Pakistan has brilliantly been able to fight against the terrorist forces that had been operating within the country.

Apparently, this discussion was merely conducted under the supervision of a committee being led representatives from government and army. Mainly this meeting was meant to ensure that Pakistan should be able to formulate the law and order situation. Since Pakistan had come across some serious issues due to the recent protest led by TLP. Prime Minister highlighted how everyone in this country should know the importance of law and order. Further, this meeting was conducted to make sure that the Government and the Army should work side by side in order to control difficult situations within the country. Also, this meeting was a platform through which the Prime Minister had the opportunity to discuss national security in detail with COAS.