Hamza Shehbaz: There is no difference between Hamza Shehbaz & Mansha bomb

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Recently, Hamza Shahbaz did a press conference in response to the allegations that has been put on his father, Shahbaz Sharif. Hamza conducted a press conference lately, and he has clearly criticized NAB. He claimed that, “The people of Pakistan are being manipulated and they are shown the records which don’t exist in real. I personally don’t believe with the concept of selective judgment, and it can be seen how PMLN is being targeted not just by PTI but by other departments as well.”
In addition to that, Hamza has gone against the system and is unhappy with how thing operate in Pakistan. Having said that, Hamza has constantly been using the term “selective judgment”. Recently, few of the members of PMLN from Punjab Assembly has been dismissed and Hamza has come out in their support by mentioning that how no solid prove has yet been shown to the public and this government needs to realize that they are exploiting the minds of people.
Further, Hamza Shahbaz has clearly stated how his father has never been involved in any sort of corruption. He thinks that his father is being targeted and it is all because of the personal conflicts that PTI hold against him. He further added, “Our party will fight for the right and we will make sure that justice is served”