Marriyum lambasts PTI ‘flip-flop’ over loans

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Mariyam Aurangzeb in her latest conference bluntly bashed Prime Minister, Imran Khan. PML-N has outwardly criticized the government of Imran Khan. It has been noticed that the never-ending cold war between PMLN and PTI has gone to another extent after Mariyam Aurangzeb’s conference.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb on Wednesday outrageously mentioned, “Prime Minister Imran Khan should be ashamed of asking for help from the foreign leaders for loans across the world and must apologize to the Pakistani nation after backtracking on his promise ‘never to beg a foreign nation for a loan’.

Further, Mariyam has shown a sense of discomfort and wrath towards the administration of PTI. She claimed that the government of Imran Khan is not able to formulate policies that can help them achieve economic prosperity. Mariyam further added, “Pakistan is constantly moving towards economic deficit, and the  government has raised the prices for all the basic commodities,  owing towards creating unfavorable situations for the rural class”

One of the main objectives of this press conference was to highlight the dual standards of Imran Khan. Mariyam believes that Imran Khan should have stick to his stance, he should have managed to generate money and clear the loans through his government policies. She put this opinion because Imran had mentioned in the start that he will never ask for financial support from other countries.

Well, there’s still a long way to go for PTI. It is not an easy task for the newly formed government to manage and stabilize the distorted economic situation of Pakistan.