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Presidential Elections 2018: Who will be the winner?

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Javed Chaudhry in “Kal Tak” covered these topics: Presidential Elections 2018 in Pakistan has entered into an interesting number game after the divided opposition fielded two candidates against the government candidate and against each other.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf led government alliance nominated a staunch PTI loyalist Arif Alvi, right after a week of the announcement of the official victory of PTI in general elections 2018.
PPP on the other hand took a solo flight in announcing the candidature of PPP stalwart, a law expert and a veteran politician without having done the consensus with the remaining opposition. On the other hand, despite many failed meetings and conversations over the joint candidate for the presidential elections 2018, opposition miserably failed in reaching any consensus. Hence, minus PPP, the PMLN led joint opposition has come up with the JUI F chief Molana Fazl ur Rehman as their joint candidate for the Presidential election scheduled to be held on September 04, 2018.
A delegation of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was on its way to meet PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif after Maulana Fazlur Rehman expressed ‘conditional willingness’ to withdraw from the presidential race. The JUI-F chief said who met Asif Ali Zardari on Monday said he would withdraw his name on condition the PPP convinced PML-N on the name of Aitzaz Ahsan as joint candidate of the opposition parties.