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PPP still firm on Aitzaz Ahsan nomination

Mehreen Sibtain in “Headliens” covered these topics:

• The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), which had nominated Aitzaz Ahsan as its candidate, is standing firm on its choice and has rejected the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) objections.

Earlier in the day, PPP senior leader Khursheed Shah said that he was hopeful that the PML-N would make a positive decision after taking into consideration his party’s choice. “The PML-N and the PPP will have to resolve their differences and move forward together,” he said, adding that PPP’s candidate for presidency was the “candidate of all of Pakistan”.

• Senior political analyst Habib Akram said that, “The number game shows that PTI’s presidential candidate will win” Maulana Fazal ur Rehman working for his pound of flesh, PMLN is supporting Maulana Fazal ur Rehman because he said that he has the support of Madrasa students,

• Senior political analyst Saad Rasool said that, “Maulana Fazal ur Rehman should accept that he has lost”