Hamza terms behavior of Punjab Assembly speaker as dictatorial

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On Friday, Hamza Shahbaz, Leader of the Opposition in the Punjab Assembly notified that PML-N would reject to be a part of the assembly unless their six suspended MPAs are permitted to re-enter the sessions.

These MPAs include Malik Muhammad Waheed (PP-156), Muhammad Ashraf Rasool (PP-137), Muhammad Mirza Javed (PP-172), Tariq Masih Gill (NM-371), Zaib-un-Nisa Awam, and Muhammad Yasin Amir (PP-162), who were delivered show-cause notices and disqualified from attending the current economical conference by Speaker Pervaiz Elahi. The reason was apparently “attacking the assembly staff, damaging the furniture and using abusive language about the government”.

Outside the Punjab Assembly, Shahbaz Sharif stated that PML-N would not take part in the assembly unless Elahi’s conduct altered and the momentarily prohibited MPAs’ “honour is not restored”

Moreover, today the PML-N also carried out a protest outside the Punjab Assembly to fight the non-entry of the MPAs in the assembly