CNG dealers association to start a protest against emerging hurdles

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CNG owned pump has been under a lot trouble. A lot of times government stops the supply of CNG. So in an account of this situation, CNG association has decided to go on a protest.

Today is the 3rd day of gas not availaible. Sui Southern Gas Company has announced to shut down CNG stations until further notice. Public transport is closed and people are facing much difficulties. CNG Dealers Association has called for a protest against gas shortage today.
Constitutionally, Sindh is supposed to get gas first as it is produced here but most of it is transferred to other provinces which have caused this load shedding in Sindh.

However CNG stations in Punjab and Pothohar will remain closed only for 24 hours.

According to details, CNG stations shutting down. Spokesperson of Sui Southern Gas Company has said that the reason is the technical fault of gas fields.

Spokesperson of Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has told that they have not received the targeted amount to carry on their operations hence until any further notice, all CNG Stations in Karachi have been shut down.

Sources also say that Quetta and interior Sindh are facing a low pressure in Gas which is becoming a huge problem for the consumers. Spokesperson of Sui Southern gas Company (SSGC) has told that the low pressure is a result of current cold weather and is a normal routine procedure.

CNG Dealers association has called for a protest against gas shortage.