Niazi: Imran Khan is not on the peak of his popularity

Kamran Shahid in “On The Front” covered these topics:
• Senior political analyst Haroon Rasheed said that, “Understanding taking place between PMLN and PPP to remove the accountability laws from the constitution”
• Senior political analyst Mazhar Abbas said that, “Mujeeb ur Rehman himself said that a group of journalist went to meet Zia ul Haq to postpone elections of 1977” Imran Khan is genuinely on the peak of his popularity,
• Senior political analyst Hafeez ullah Khan Niazi said that, “Imran Khan is not on the peak of his popularity”
• Senior anchor person Kamran Shahid said that, “Nawaz Sharif is behind the bars he cannot be given live coverage, Why did Nawaz Sharif accept LondonFlats and then failed to produce the receipts?