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Nawaz wants Avenfield verdict postponed

Ajmal Jami in “Nuqta-e-Nazar” covered these topics:
• Deposed PM says he wants to be present in court when the verdict is delivered
Says he will be back as soon as Kulsoom gets better
Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday requested for a delay in the announcement of the verdict in the Avenfield reference that is to be announced on Friday.
Gallup Pakistan (national), Pulse Consultant (national) and IPOR (provincial) polls show that PML-N remains the preferred party among voters in the largest province, but PTI has gained ground and narrowed the gap significantly. PTI remains the dominant party for voters in KPK, while PPP is ahead in Sindh. Balochistan, there is a three party mix. Nationally polled respondent in the Gallup poll shows PML-N ahead, while the PTI has taken the lead in the Pulse survey. Undecided voters to play decisive role in polls.