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More than 100 politicians have been murdered in Mexico

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Shafi Naqi Jamie in BBC Urdu “Sairbeen” covered these topics:
• KARACHI: Garbage a major problem in many Towns.
• Karachi, once the pleasant, city of lights and flagrance has now unfortunately turned into a bin of rubbish and litter over past two or three decades. There can be seen heaps of garbage around every corner of the city and no government seems to give the issue enough importance to be resolved hence the garbage is adding up over the passage of time and the city is turning more to a home to debris and junk than to its residents. Damaged sewerage lines are another reason behind the increasing littering issues of Karachi.
• More than 100 politicians in Mexico have been killed since September in the lead-up to the country’s election this Sunday, and more than 13,000 Mexicans have been killed since January.
In an 11 year war on drugs, Mexico has failed to control organized crime and criminal infiltration of local governments and law enforcement.
Some 20 or so percent of voters remain undecided, and security is expected to be a major factor in how they choose to vote.