Video: Doors of Kaaba opened for Pakistan PM Imran Khan; performs Umrah

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan performed Umrah in Makkah on Wednesday during his Saudi visit.

In a video posted on his Instagram handle, Khan is seen exiting the holy Kaaba. A crowd was waiting for him as he stepped outside the holy Kaaba. In the caption he said that he was received warmly by the people. The doors of the Holy Kaaba were also opened for the Pakistani delegation, the caption added.

Khan offered prayers inside the sacred place.

Khan and his delegation arrived in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday on his first official foreign visit. He will also also visit UAE at the invitation of the two countries leaderships, the Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

It is the prime minister’s first foreign visit since he took office in August. Khan will be accompanied by the foreign minister, the finance minister and his commerce adviser, the Foreign Ministry said.