COAS visits troops on LoC, says Kashmir remains core unresolved agenda

Ever since the partition, Kashmir issue remains unresolved. Due to the unresolved issue, a lot of Kashmiri have lost their lives to many army operations. In addition to that, the tension in Kashmir has begun all over again. Indian Army has killed many local Kashmiris in the process of a riot. In response to the on-going issues with Kashmiri, Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa recently visited the Line of Contro (LOC).

The main agenda behind this visit was to meet with the army officers who are constantly putting their efforts to manage the LOC. Chief of Army staff believes that the issue of Kashmir is an unsolved issue, it has cost the lives of many innocent people. In addition to that, he further mentioned, “Pakistan will always remain with Kashmiri, and Pakistani Army is trying to resolve the issue of Kashmir with all the dedication and focus. Pakistani Army will never tolerate any mischievous behavior from the side of Indian Army. Pakistan will stay determined, focused and will retaliateĀ at any given time”.

The recent visit of General Bajwa has given hope to the people of Kashmir, but at the same time, there are a lot of reservations with the whole issue of Kashmir. Due to a disturbed and messy relation with India, it is not possible for the army to take any kind of immediate action.