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Former President George Bush fond of Sarfraz Akbar’s tailoring skills

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KARACHI – Pakistanis are well known for their talents in different walks of life. Such an example is of tailor master Sarfaraz Akbar from Karachi.

Sarfaraz Akbar specializes is English, French and Italian suiting. His fame is not only restricted to Pakistan but former US Presidents and Governors are also fans of his craft.

Former Presidents George W Bush is said to be a huge fan of Sarfaraz Akbar’s craft and had invited him to United States in order for him to tailor a suit for him.

Sarfaraz Akbar hails from Karachi and charges a huge amount of at least 30,000 rupees from his customers.

Tailor Sarfraz Akbar from Karachi is so famous that even former US Presidents are his fans. Former President George Bush wanted a tailored suit so Sarfraz Akbar made him one.