China has invested 26 Billion and 50 Crores in CPEC project

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CPEC is one of the most economically valuable projects for Pakistan. According to the latest reports and news, China has invested a huge amount of 26 Billion and 50 Crores. Ever since this project has come into being, there has been a lot of discussions in regards to how CPEC is going to provide Pakistan with economic benefits.

Recently some surprising revelations have come forward and it has been noticed that even though China has been investing a huge amount in the economy of Pakistan through this project but it is going to put Pakistan in huge debts. Pakistan will be a paying a huge amount of $40 Billion dollars in the coming 20 years.

Well, this has put a lot of things under consideration that how Pakistan is going to deal with this economic pressure in the coming days. When it comes to economic prosperity, a lot of people think that CPEC will help Pakistan to grow but it seems like that CPEC is bringing a lot of challenges along with this.