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Kamran: Surveys suggest that Nawaz is popular leader

Kamran Shahid in “On The Front” covered these topics:
• Gallup Pakistan (national), Pulse Consultant (national) and IPOR (provincial) polls show that PML-N remains the preferred party among voters in the largest province, but PTI has gained ground and narrowed the gap significantly. PTI remains the dominant party for voters in KPK, while PPP is ahead in Sindh. Balochistan, there is a three party mix. Nationally polled respondent in the Gallup poll shows PML-N ahead, while the PTI has taken the lead in the Pulse survey. Undecided voters to play decisive role in polls.
• Senior anchor person Kamran Shahid said that, “Surveys suggest that #NawazSharif is the most popular leader” former chief minister Shehbaz Sharif has no charisma, he is addressing workers from the inside of his vehicle.
• Senior political analyst Habib Akram said that, “Gallop and pulse survey are close to reality” Gallop and pulse survey were conducted during PMLN’s government in Punjab.