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Kamran: Donald Trump hasn’t congratulated PM Khan

Kamran Khan in “Dunya Kamran kay Sath” covered these topics:

Senior political analyst and anchor person Kamran Khan said that, “US President Donald Trump hasn’t congratulated Prime Minister Imran Khan” Dr Arif Alvi was underhandedly supported by Asif Ali Zardari,

PPP leader Nafisa Shah said that, “Speculations of PPP supporting PTI is baseless” PMLN’s information minister’s demanding apology created resentment in PPP quarters, Shehbaz Sharif victimised PPP workers in Punjab.

Senior political analyst Kamran Khan and anchor person said that, “CCTV footage shows liquor bottles were altered, evidence was tampered with” Uptill now Sharjeel Memon has paid Rs.52 lac in cash for the Presidential Suite in Ziauddin Hospital,