Australia romp to win over UAE in one-off T20 contest

Pakistan Cricket team has grown better and stronger since their last win against Aussies in the last test. Pakistan is all set to play against Australia for T-20 series from tomorrow. All the players have started to build their momentum by engaging themselves with hardcore training sessions. These matches will be played in UAE and the whole nation looks forward to seeing the match. In addition to that, the audience will be able to enjoy the trophy exhibition ceremony.

As long as the team is concerned, there are a couple of changes that will be made by the Pakistani Team. Imad Waseem and Muhammad Hafeez have been selected by PCB to be a part of t-20 series. Further, due to constant poor performance Amir has been kept away from the match and will not be a part of the squad. Overall, the team squad is likely to engage all the key players who played brilliantly against Aussies in the last test. Even though Australia has lost a test series to Pakistan, but Aussies seem to be hopeful and determined to give a strong comeback in the upcoming matches.

According to the T20’s International Ranking, Pakistan holds the first position firmly and Australia ranks at the third position. T20’s ranking clearly depicts how both teams have the potential and capacity to give a tough time to each other. It is being hoped that Pakistan gets to perform in an effective way and shouldn’t come under any pressure. Fortunately, everything is working out for Pakistan right now; from batting to bowling to fielding, it seems like as if everything is falling at the right place for Pakistani Team.