Lahore: 13 year old boy died due to doctors negligence

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A thirteen year old boy has passed away due to the negligence of the medical present, Aaj News reports. The boy, Musharaf Zubair, was suffering from Hypercholesterolaemia and the treatment was ordered by Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The family of the deceased protested outside Services Hospital with the dead body present. They blame the doctors as the boy was hospitalized for over 6 months and the doctors just kept on referring to other hospitals and doctors instead of properly treating him.

Medical Superintendent (MS) Services Hospital denied the accusation and said that they boy was already dead when the family brought him here. Musharraf Zubair was admitted in CIC and Jinnah Hospital before he was brought here.

The family has blocked the road while protesting which has caused the traffic flow to break and is causing a lot of problems in the area.