Asif Jalali: Culprits of Vandalism should be brought in front of everyone

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Sunni Cleric Allama Asif Ashraf Jalali held a press conference today condemning the vandalising of public property during TLP’s protests and sit ins.

Allama Asif said that dragging army in such matters is not our agenda and it has never been. Government should brought the culprits of vandalism in front of everyone so it could be identified that which group did bring havoc in the country.

Allama also said that the COAS is a true muslim and the rumours about him are nothing but propaganda and we should not get ourselves indulged in any such spectacle. Our army is one of the most professional and effective armies around the world and this hollow try to create a rift between generals and officers could tarnish the image of our army.  India and other anti-Pakistan forces can benefit from such situations, he added.

Allama said that the government should identify the culprits of vandalism who caused damage to public and private property and tried to create a rift inside armed forces.