Govt is preparing for another Mini Budget, says Finance Minister

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ISLAMABAD – Finance Minister Asad Umer gave a press briefing to senior journalists saying that the government is preparing for another mini budget.

Economy has been the major issue which Imran khan led PTI government is dealing with ever since they came into power following the July 2018 General Elections. Finance Minister Asad Umer has probably the most difficult responsibility after Imran Khan himself. In their very first month after assuming power, Finance Minister Asad Umer presented a Mini Budget in the parliament which resulted in the increase in price of almost 400 daily use items.

Now, Finance Minister Asad Umer had a talk with senior journalists where he told that the government is preparing for another mini budget soon. In the upcoming budget, new taxes will be imposed and electricity and gas prices will also see an increment but it will be only for the rich and middle class and poor will not be affected by it.

Talking about the condition of economy, Finance Minister Asad Umer said that there is no chance of Pakistan being a defaulter in any case. Governemnt is doing everything we can for the betterment of economy, Finance Minister Asad Umer added. The Finance Minister also said that the conditions of IMF were very harsh and Pakistan’s economy would not have been able to handle them that is why we did not opt directly for an IMF program.