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Will Zulif’s name remain in ECL?

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Many big names have come in ECL, and one such name is of Zulfi. There have been a lot of speculations around the corner lately related to this issue, but the fact of matter remains that is Zulfis name going to stay in ECL? Or how else things are going to change? A lot of mysteries are yet to get unfolded. Zulfi is one of the most important people for PTI and a lot of people are eager to see how things are going to turn out in future. 
Well, NAB has played a vital role from a long time. But it is claimed by the supporters of PMLN that NAB is being no less than a biased department and they are targeting all the members of PMLN. Now when Zulfi’s name has come under ECL, but people are still waiting to see how Zulfi’s case is hanled and justice is served.