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Banks are no more a safe option to keep the money

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Recently, the banking system of Pakistan has been facing some serious security issues. Over the last one week, a lot of mishaps have been encountered by people. According to the latest reports and news, a handsome amount of money is being illegally transferred or taken away by hackers through calling. People have reported how they have been misguided on the calls and their bank information was taken by fake representatives of the bank.

A week before it was reported that Pakistani banks have been under a serious threat by some international hackers. In addition to that, a huge amount of money was transferred by hackers. Now all the banks have come under a lot of pressure as most of the people are afraid if their money is safe enough to remain in the banks. Give that, few people from Mardan have reported and communicated¬†about their incident. They mentioned that their money has been taken away from their banks and the banks don’t have any idea about that.

Well, our government has also been involved in this matter and they have advised the private and public banks to look out for their security systems and ensure that all the information is kept safe under the authority of the bank.