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Shah Mehmood Qureshi: Country needs charter of economy to overcome crisis

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In his recent speech at National Assembly, Shah Mehmood Qureshi showed concern towards the distorted economic condition of Pakistan. Qureshi has been playing an active role in creating friendly relations of Pakistan with other countries. The government of PTI has been blamed by the opposition for hiding their plans and agendas of their meeting with Saudi Arabia.

In response to this Qureshi has mentioned, “PTI has never kept anything hidden either from people or the opposition. We met the government officials of Saudi Arabia and they have agreed to fund us some money in the shape of a loan. This particular doesn’t mean that we are keeping any sort of personal interests”

During his speech at the national assembly, Qureshi mostly raised the points related to economic stability in Pakistan. Having said that, Qureshi has pointed out that our country needs a charter of an economy to overcome all the major economic crisis. Further, he pointed out that Saudi Arabia will provide Pakistan with financial assistance which would help to build the economy of Pakistan. And he specifically pointed out how it was important for Pakistan to seek financial help from Saudi Arabia.

However, Qureshi has outrageously blamed PPP and PMLN for disturbing the economy of Pakistan. He mentioned that Pakistan has never been in a stable economic condition for a long time, and both of these political parties have made a contribution to make Pakistan face an economic crisis. He was hopeful and have mentioned that the people of Pakistan should keep trust on PTI and their party is making all the efforts to restore the economic condition of the country.