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How the U.S. Is fighting Russian election interference

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Sarah Zaman in “View 360” covered these topics:
• Senior Trump administration officials warned on Thursday that Russia is trying to interfere in November’s midterm elections and the 2020 presidential election and vowed to combat Moscow’s aggression.
The high-profile alarm sounded at the daily White House briefing was striking for the officials’ unequivocal warnings, a departure from President Trump’s fumbling acknowledgments that Moscow undertook an influence campaign in 2016 to exploit partisan divisions in the American electorate and sow discord.
• President Donald Trump has authorized sanctions for two top Turkish officials in connection with Ankara’s refusal to release an American pastor detained in Turkey. Turkish authorities have arrested the evangelical pastor on allegations of espionage and connections to a terrorist group. The U.S. move Wednesday threatens to imperil already tense relations between the two NATO allies.
• Voice of America’s the special conversation with ISIS fighters who surrendered to the Afghan government.