Sheikh Rasheed says there will be a big announcement about freight trains soon

Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed told the media in Lahore that a big announcement would be made soon regarding freight trains in the country.

He said on Monday that the announcement will be made after Prime Minister Imran Khan is briefed on the matter and approves it.

He also said that they will be looking into ways to conserve fuel through fuel economy seminars.

The minister said they will be operating 10 new trains in 100 days and upgrading some of the older trains.

Rasheed said workers at railway stations are going to be provided free food by NGOs. He also announced that they will be making industrial zones around the larger stations. However, he clarified that ‘they’ doesn’t mean the Railways department. We aren’t in a position to do it ourselves, he explained.

He said that they will be working to improve the broad gauge and that new standard gauges will be installed along the tracks from Karachi to Peshawar to improve the railway lines. Those old ones just aren’t working anymore, he said.