Qazi Mannan, the first Muslim to open a restaurant for under-privileged in USA

Qazi Mannan is a Pakistani Muslim who launched a restaurant to feed the homeless free in Washington DC. Qazi Manan has started a great initiative through which he aims to eradicate the hunger from America. Primarily, America is known as one of the most developed nations across the world, but there is a chunk of the class which belongs to a status of lower-socioeconomic class and are homeless.

Mannan happens to finish the notion of poverty from the US, which is why he plans to provide people who are homeless with sufficient food items. It is heartwarming to see how Mannan is making all the efforts to make sure that equality prevails in the system and all the people are treated in a fair manner.

Well, a lot of people who have benefitted from this initiative, and they have shown a positive response to this and have immensely appreciated the efforts of Mannan.