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The notion of ‘War on terror’ led by US has killed 500,000

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Countries belonging to the Middle East has been fighting a war with terrorism for a long time. We see dark shades and effects of post 9/11 till today. America has been trying to eradicate terrorism which is why they have started “war on terror” ever since world trade was attacked. Due to the war on terror, around 500,000 people have lost their lives. Not every other person who lost their lives in the military operations belonged to a terroristĀ organization, however, most of the people were naive and didn’t have anything to do with terrorism.

Since America has done whatever possible to eradicate terrorism from this world, and mostly they have tried to secure their region. But in this whole process, they have unfortunately been killing innocent people. They have taken away the lives of many families. Having said that, the war on terror has killed 500,00 people belonging from the regions of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Well, the overall relationship between America and these countries has become volatile.

Even though everyone wishes to see an end of terrorism, but at the same time, people expect that justice must be served and the lives of innocent people must be protected during this process. It is important for America to end the war on terror because it is taking away the lives of the innocent people.