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Viral video of a girl wearing Hijab and started protest

Recently a talented girl has been demeaned and degraded for her Hijab. It is unfortunate to see how people all across Pakistan don’t leave a chance to judge a girl who is either wearing a Hijab or is wearing a shirt without a Dupatta. Given that, a girl who is not skillfully talented but also stands for her values has been disrespected by the administration of LGS, Islamabad. She was invited to chair a MUN in Islamabad and was sent back by the General Sectary of MUN on the basis of her appearance (Hijab). This has not only disgusted the girl herself, but the whole nation has been appalled to see how a school like LGS has shown a sense of resentment towards girl which was completely based on her look.

In response to this, the girl has come out and have shared her video over social media where she speaks and asks for women rights. In this latest viral video girl mentioned, “I would like to question everyone that why am I being judged for wearing a Hijab. At the end of the day, it’s my own personal decision to differentiate between the right and wrong. I personally don’t understand how our institutions have comprehended the idea of women empowerment because at the end feminism and women empowerment is about making free choices”

Perhaps, this video has not only shook a lot of people and it has also made everyone question the real narrative of women empowerment. What has happened with this girl is atrocious and it is important for all the advanced and reputable institutions to treat everyone equally regardless of their personal beliefs and thoughts.