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Mineral Water companies should be banned, says Chief Justice

Chief Justice has always been vocal about the issues of Pakistan, and recently he mentioned that the mineral water companies should be banned as they are making immense money and are taking away a lot of money from the general public.  In one of the recent interviews, Chief Justice mentioned, “there are a lot of companies in Pakistan that are making a huge amount of money through filtering river water and selling them at a huge profit margin”.

Chief Justice is playing a role which is not only constructive but is beneficial for Pakistan. He has constantly been voicing his opinions against things which are wrong and need to be eradicated from Pakistan. Further, Chief Justice has highlighted that a lot of companies are taking water from Sindh, and primarily, that is becoming one of the major reasons for water scarcity in Pakistan.

Finally, the supreme court has decided to take some strict actions all the companies who are running their business through illegal means or are using water in an inefficient way. Water is one of the major resources, and it is beyond important that it should be protected and saved by all the means.

Further, capitalism has come into play. A lot of companies have been making money and selling water at a very high price. Well, if Chief Justice will take action against these companies, then a lot of positive change can be expected. Majorly, the water can be saved and reserved accordingly.