President Dr. Arif Alvi in Gilgit on four-day visit

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President, Dr. Arif Alvi along with his family had gone on a trip to Gilgit Baltistan, and he recently visited Hunza during his trip. During his stay at Hunza, President Dr. Arif Alzi was welcomed by the people of Hunza with utmost love and affection, Dr. Arif Alvi enjoyed his time at the famous lake of Hunza, Attabad Lake. He spent a lot of quality time there with his family and the people of Hunza did everything possible to increase the hospitality.

In addition to that, Dr. Arif Alvi was welcomed with an entirely different yet captivating way. He was welcomed with a lot of candles being burnt, this particular¬†act was made to bring the attention of the President towards a severe issue¬† Load-Shedding in Hunza. Speaking about load-shedding, the people of Hunza are facing an issue of Load-Shedding for over 22-23 hours a day and it’s unfortunate to see how the government administration has not been able to address the issue effectively.

Further, the family of Dr. Arif Alvi was entertained through a classical/traditional music performance of the local people. This performance was one of its kind, and it surely made our president to enjoy the performance to the fullest.