8th edition of annual International Light Festival begins in China

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China and its festivities never end as the 8th light festival kicks off. The light festival can be categorized into 4 main exhibitions this year being held at Huacheng Square, including several of the Guangzhou bridges that cross the Pearl River, Zhujiang New Town’s ‘connection corridors’ and a sub-venue in Huangpu District.

This Light show commenced from November 26 and will continue till December 2. For those interested, the light show at Huacheng Plaza will take place at three dedicated times: 7pm, 8pm and 9pm. You need to get bookings for witnessing the gorgeous light show.

Wondering what is the theme of this light show? The theme this year is the 40th anniversary of China’s reform. In the opening ceremony of this light show, the Canton Tower lit up like a Christmas tree. The show also featured 300 drones impressively synchronized to form various shapes, including the skyline of Guangzhou.

Last year this event was organized at the new year eve which forced the police to end the event at 7:30 pm as the traffic blocked the entire area.