IG Sindh: TO reduce street crimes in Karachi is our first priority

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Inspector General of Sindh, Amjad Javaid Saleemi,  talked directly to the media regarding the issue of aggravating criminal activity in Sindh. Criminal activity in Karachi has increased rapidly over the last few years, due to unemployment, societal issues,

He was asked by the reporter concerning the steps he is taking to combat this issue. In response to which he said, that it was an absolute number one priority of the Sindh Police to minimize street crimes in Karachi. Moreover, IG also asked the Sindh police and the Pakistani population to cooperate with him in dealing with this matter. On  September 11, Tuesday, IGP also emphasized the need to revise the laws for the police department in order to improve the efficiency of the department. The government is realizing that the foremost step towards a new Pakistan is making sure that the common man feels safe when stepping outside his house.